A Wonderful Wedding on a Windy Winter’s Day

It was my first wedding of 2014. It was also February so, as you can imagine, I was concerned the weather might not be too good. Jemma and Antony had chosen Alwalton Church for their ceremony and the Chequered Skipper country pub for the subsequent celebrations. I had never done a wedding at this pub before but I know Alwalton Church very well. Photographing the marriage ceremony is not allowed by the vicar of this particular church.

Jemma and Antony weren’t worried about the weather. It seems that when you are getting married it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining – the atmospheric conditions won’t spoil your strong emotions and feelings of love for each other. A wedding day is wonderful for those taking part, regardless of what the weather is doing. Neither does it matter if you don’t have permission to take photographs in the church. When you only have eyes for each other, nothing can dampen your spirits.

Call me fanciful, but in my experience God and Mother Nature both seem to smile on two people getting married. True to form, on this particular Saturday the sun came out and, apart from a very strong wind, the day was perfect. So, if you are planning your wedding day, don’t worry about the weather. Your wedding will be the best day of your life, come rain or shine. Jemma and Antony’s big day is proof of that.

Early in the morning, Jemma made her preparations at the Stilton Inn and I followed her from there. After the marriage ceremony at Alwalton Church, we went to the Chequered Skipper under the watchful eye of a group of pheasants who seemed very curious as to what was going on. All the guests travelled in a red double-decker wedding bus. It was a great party and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I didn’t even mind being followed round everywhere by one of the guests who was very excited about being able to use his camera. Thank you to the happy couple for allowing me to document your special day. It was such a pleasure to spend it with you. I shall never forget that moment when your daughter stood over the grille that was part of the church’s under-floor heating system and treated us to her impression of Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for a lovely day and I wish you both the very best for your married life together.

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