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Spring Weddings in Peterborough

I’m sure that the wedding photographers in Peterborough are looking forward to the spring season. It’s the time of year when people begin feeling cheerful and optimistic again, after the long grey months of winter. Spring is all about youth and new beginnings and it seems the ideal time to embark upon a new adventure – and marriage is certainly that. It’s only the unreliability of the British weather that makes spring weddings less popular than summer or autumn ones. However, this means that if you choose to get married in spring, you will have a wider choice of wedding venue, not to mention being able to take your pick of professionals, such as florists, caterers and photographers.

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The time of year will naturally influence the colour scheme of your wedding, with green and white being the perfect combination for a spring wedding. Splashes of buttercup-yellow here and there will add a touch of youthful exuberance and fun.

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You will need to bear in mind the changeability of the weather when planning the outfits for the bride and bridesmaids. Long sleeves, bolero jackets or wraps might be a good idea for a chilly spring day. Colourful wedding umbrellas might also be a sensible precaution.

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If the weather is too wet on the day, you will need somewhere dry to pose for your wedding photographs. As an experienced wedding photographer, I am used to the unpredictable British weather, and I know it is advisable to consult with your wedding venue beforehand to make sure they can offer you a suitable alternative setting for your wedding photographs.

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One advantage of spring is the huge variety of flowers available, offering a vast array of colours and scents. Lilies in particular are abundant in spring and have a very strong, sweet perfume. Small baskets of spring flowers make beautiful table decorations. Imagine a bowl of primroses or hyacinths on a fresh gingham tablecloth, or sprays of cherry blossom and magnolia decorated with colourful paper butterflies. Terracotta pots containing herbs, like basil and oregano, will add a fresh spring-like fragrance to each table, and they can also be made into wedding favours for the guests to take home with them.

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For a spring wedding it is traditional to have a seasonal archway decorated with swags of flowers, and preferably surrounded by an English country garden. If the weather is kind, this is the sort of fairy-tale backdrop that provides the perfect setting for wedding photographs of the happy couple as they start out on their new life together.

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