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The photographer’s personality

Every wedding needs to be planned very carefully, and every single detail must be perfect. Careful consideration must be given to the wedding dress, flowers, venue, and finally the photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer isn’t as easy as many people may think. There are so many Peterborough wedding photographers that you have to spend hours looking through all their portfolios. Some of them are really good, but then their prices might be astronomical. It’s really hard to find the balance between high quality and reasonable price.

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Now, when SLR camera prices are so affordable, lots of people are tempted to be wedding photographers. It’s easy enough to set up a website, and for free. You just need a few samples of wedding pictures and you are ready to go. In a town like Peterborough you can find many photographers. If you google for them you will get pages and pages with wedding photography offers. Some of them offer a wedding photography service for a very low price, but you have to remember that you get what you pay for.

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What is the most important thing about your wedding photographer? If you look on the Internet your eyes will be drawn to those who have the most beautiful pictures and appear to be the most experienced at their job. Another factor worth considering is the photographer’s personality. Almost all of the wedding photographers advertise themselves as being people who keep their distance during the wedding and don’t interrupt what is happening. In my work I believe that a little bit of interaction with people may bring unexpected results. It’s okay to stand back during the ceremony, but when it comes to the reception it is important that people know who you are.

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I have noticed that after a short chat people feel better about their photographs being taken. To illustrate what I mean, imagine somebody with a camera standing in the corner of your house. Okay, he’s not interrupting anything, but all the time you are wondering who he is. In wedding photography it’s very important what you do, but even more important who you are and how you do it. The couple and their guests must feel comfortable and relaxed with the person with the camera otherwise they will be very careful and self-conscious about their behaviour. That’s why a photographer must be a very sociable person who can make contact with people very easily. A wedding photographer must be able to understand people and do all he can to make them comfortable in front of his camera.

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I always repeat to every couple interested in my wedding photography that they have to feel good with me, and vice versa. This is a key point for being a successful wedding photographer. This is my route to success; being good with people, and being kind and polite. For a wedding photographer to have a good relationship with the happy couple and guests is the second most important thing after their skills. I show my portfolio to my customers and I also tell them about myself and my family. I try to explain to them that photography is a full-time commitment, not just a hobby or a means to earn extra money. I want them to know that I will take a massive responsibility for their day and will help them to have cherished memories of it when they look at their wedding photographs after the event. So, a wedding must be very carefully planned and choosing the wedding photographer is crucial to the success of the occasion.

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