Wedding at Orton Hall with Beautiful, White Ring-bearing Barn Owl

Samantha and Joseph got married at Orton Hall in Peterborough right after Christmas. This winter wedding had something special about it, the Christmas spirit adding to its atmosphere of love and romance. All the outfits were vintage-themed, as was the wedding cake made by the groom’s father. The bride drew up at Orton Hall in a carriage and the ceremony that followed her arrival was one filled with both joy and tears.

There was also an unexpected highlight: this was the moment when a graceful, white barn owl carried the wedding ring along the aisle to the best man. The happy couple had kept this a secret so it was a magical surprise for all those assembled. Despite my seven years’ experience as a Peterborough photographer, this was a tense moment for me. I needed to capture the owl ring-bearer in flight and the conservatory at Orton Hall is quite narrow, so there were people in the way. Thankfully, with a little rehearsal all went well, and this part of the ceremony was captured as a beautiful memory for the bride and groom to enjoy for the rest of their married life.

Samantha and Joseph also had another unique idea that is worth a mention. They set out four glass jars and four bottles of wine. The jars represented their first, fifth, tenth and fifteenth wedding anniversaries respectively. Guests were invited to write a message to put in each bottle. The plan is to open a jar as they reach each anniversary in turn, read the messages and drink a bottle of wine. The wine will also be as old as their marriage. These two people had a lovely sense of humour with Samantha wearing red Wellies when she posed for her photographs. These complemented the red bouquet and red umbrella, as well as adding to the good-natured atmosphere of the occasion.

My thanks go to the happy couple for choosing me as their photographer. I wish you all the best for your married life together.

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