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Wedding Hairstyles

A professional wedding photographer is not the only person whose help you will need to bring about a perfect wedding day. Experts of all kinds will work to ensure your wedding is the one you have always dreamed of. For the bride, it is important to look truly beautiful on the day and a professional hairdresser who specialises in wedding hairstyles is the person to consult.

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Such a one is Sam Roberts of Sam Roberts Wedding Hair Specialist Ltd of Peterborough. Sam was trained by Toni & Guys, one of London’s top hair salons, and runs her own very successful hairdressing business, having over twenty years’ experience in the profession.

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Sam says that she is passionate about making her clients look the best they can on their wedding day and arranges consultations and practice runs months before the ceremony so that everyone involved is confident that the end result will be perfect. She enjoys being able to create tailor-made hairstyles to suit each individual customer. She has an extensive portfolio of her work and would-be clients are welcome to view the photographs of the diverse range of hairstyles Sam has created for her many satisfied customers.

Wedding Hair Specialist

It seems there are so many things to think about when you start to plan your wedding, but don’t overlook your wedding hairstyle or leave it to the last minute. As soon as you pick your wedding dress and venue, you need to consider your hairstyle. Will you have braids, curls, hair extensions or an updo? The possibilities are endless, especially when you put yourself in the hands of a trained professional stylist.

Wedding Hair Specialist Peterborough

Your wedding hairstyle can be anything you want. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short; there are many accessories and techniques available to give you the effect you want. You can change the colour of your hair too, and there are hair ornaments and fascinators to add a touch of class and sophistication. Extensions and hairpieces can also be colour-matched so that no-one will guess they aren’t your real hair!

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The bride’s mother might want to have her hair professionally styled too, and perhaps also the bridesmaids. Booking well in advance and arranging everything with the guidance of your stylist can help her to create a stunning look for all concerned. There may even be a theme for the wedding that you would like these hairstyles to reflect.

Sam Roberts Wedding Hair Specialist Ltd

Some brides take their inspiration from the past, others can find ideas in magazines or from looking online to see what the current trends are, particularly at celebrity weddings.

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It’s all a matter of personal choice because there is no one trend you have to follow. You can have a long wavy style, a ponytail, masses of cascading curls or a towering updo complete with hair ornaments and sprays of flowers. It’s your special day and you need no-one’s permission to fully express yourself and follow your heart. If you feel like a princess, you will look like one, and this joy will be reflected in your wedding photographs, a lasting reminder of how beautiful you looked on the happiest day of your life.


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