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How do I go about booking you as my wedding photographer?

I strongly recommend we meet face to face so you can tell me all your requirements. When we meet I will show you more wedding photographs and my books and albums. If you are happy we will meet again and sign the contract. If you live far away we can sort it out over the Internet. When that’s done I will contact you shortly before your wedding day to confirm all the details and refresh all aspects of your special day.

How much deposit do I have to pay to secure the date?

I will take only £200 deposit when we sign the contract for wedding photography or any other photography service.

When do we have to pay the outstanding balance?

I will get your photographs done within 21 days. When they are ready I will contact you and show you my work. You can take the disc home and then you would pay me the outstanding balance. Don’t do it during the first dance, when you will already have enough to think about.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for Public and Professional Liability and all my equipment is covered for loss, damage, flood etc.

Do you charge per hour?

My photography service isn’t based on hourly prices. I will be with you from early morning up to the first dance – there are no set number of hours. This way I have more chance of capturing all aspects of the day. I also don’t charge any extra to cover speeches or to stay longer than anticipated. Full coverage means full coverage.

Do you charge any travelling expenses?

I don’t if your wedding is within a 80-mile radius of Peterborough. After that distance there is a small fee.

What is your style of wedding photography?

I provide a mix of documentary pictures along with family formal shots, plus stunning contemporary pictures.

Will I get all the pictures on the disc?

Yes, every package includes a copyright-free disc with all the photographs. They are large resolution files that let you print as many as you wish in any size; large or small.

Do you have a limit on the number of photographs you take?

No, I believe that every wedding photographer should take as many pictures as possible to capture the most important moments of your wedding day.

When will my pictures be ready?

I will need up to 21 days to edit your photographs. After that period you will be able to take them home and share them with friends and family.

How many pictures will we get?

For a full day’s coverage you will get no less that 400 photographs on the disc. All the pictures can be printed without an annoying logo over your face. Quality takes precedence over quantity.

What happens if your camera develops a fault?

I have back-ups, and I have back-ups for my back-ups. Basically I have a huge range of professional camera equipment and I duplicate everything. So if a camera or lens were to fail I have another to hand. That also applies to my Apple equipment for processing your photos.

What if you fall ill on our wedding day?

I am very lucky that, due to my position within the industry, I have a wide circle of colleagues who are at the same level and who could take over for the day. So far this has never happened, but if it did you would still have a wedding photographer.

How do you deal with low light and bad weather conditions?

A good photographer should be able to capture your pictures in all conditions. I have the professional photographic equipment required to deal with low-light conditions. Where possible I will visit the venue in advance to ensure there are locations we can use for the group photos, couple shots and bridal portraits in the event of bad weather.

Can we have some romantic-posing photographs?

Yes, I include a “romantic walk” in every single wedding package. It is a contemporary style of wedding photography, ideal for big prints, canvasses etc. I’m more than happy to go with you to your favourite location and take stunning pictures. If you don’t have one I will take you to a favourite location of my own. It usually takes up to 45 minutes and it is a nice break for you both.

Can we have black & white photographs?

I love black and white wedding photographs. All pictures come as a mix: colour, black and white or with the use of modern filters. You will be able to specify on the contract which you would prefer. I will keep back-up for 6 months, so I would be able to change it over any time if needed

Will you take formal family or friends shots?

Yes, I always ask couples to make a list of family pictures they want. I also ask them to delegate a person who knows both sides of the family to be my helper. This way we can take the family shots in a short space of time. There’s nothing worse than standing and posing for hours. A wedding is a great occasion to meet family and friends whom we don’t see everyday. It is nice to have some pictures with them.

Can we have a password-protected online gallery?

Yes, this is not a problem at all. I could create an online gallery on my website so you can share your happiness with friends and family, even with those who live far away. The gallery is free of charge.

Can you show us a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

Yes, when I meet you both face to face I will show you examples of a number of completed weddings I did. This way you will see what the final product would look like, rather than just my favourite images.

Can we change the design of the wedding book?

Yes, I will allow you to do as many changes as you require. I want you to be 100% happy with the end product. At the end of the day it will be your book for years to come.

How long do we have to wait for the book to be printed?

Its all depends on the time of year, but not longer than three months. As soon as you have agreed to the design I will send it to get printed.

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop me a message. I will get back to you within twenty-four hours.

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