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Capturing those very special moments

Capturing those very special moments is all about the feelings. Imagine yourself immersed in a dream of your perfect Wedding Day. All those people around, the sights and sounds, the powerful emotions, unstoppable feelings, the joy and excitement racing through your veins – before, during and after the ceremony. Your family and friends gathered to help you celebrate. The anticipation of a happy future ahead. You want to preserve those feelings forever, to keep them for the years to come as the eye-catching pictures of your dream. And because it is Your Special Day, you want to feel comfortable with everything.

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You don’t want to have to worry about your appearance, or wonder if the venue looks as it should. That’s my job, as the wedding photographer, to make sure that your memories will represent the exquisite essence of the day. You can trust me – my eye will be catching the spirit of the day, minute by minute, from preparation to reception. What’s most important, I want you and your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, without me interfering with the scene.

I will not tell you where to stand and what to do, or when to smile and who to look at. I will make sure that everyone and everything is present on the photos, including little details like table set-ups, flowers and decorations, so in time your memories will be as full of life as they were on the day. After the first, formal session, which includes guests and family, I will be concentrating on you. After the ceremony, I will provide you with the ‘Romantic Walk’ session, which will take place in a suitable environment you and I will have agreed upon. It’s the moment for a more artistic type of photography, perfect for wall photos and canvas. Any kind of after-effects can be added to the finished photos, to reveal the magic of the moment. It’s also a good time for you to chill out and relax before you return to the waiting party.

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If you engage me as your photographer, I will tell the whole story of your special day. I will capture the essential spirit of the occasion, helping you to remember everything in the smallest detail.

Each wedding or civil partnership has its own personality and our aim at Oliver Photography is to create a sequence of natural, relaxed photographs, plus the more formal wedding photographs, taking shots of the venue and guests in a way that will perfectly capture the unique atmosphere.

I’m confident that my reportage wedding photography plus the more romantic shots taken during the ‘Romantic Walk’ will provide you with a perfect record of  a perfect day and you will be able to revisit the moments of happiness whenever you look at your photographs in the future.

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