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So much happening so quickly

Weddings are stressful events, with so much happening so quickly, and it can all seem like a blur with some of the best moments later forgotten. If you engage me as your wedding photographer, I will capture the essential spirit of the occasion, helping you to remember it in detail for years to come. Each wedding or civil partnership has its own personality and my aim is to create a sequence of natural, relaxed photographs in a way that will perfectly capture the unique atmosphere of each occasion.

wedding reportage

A wedding is a time to meet family and friends you don’t often see and I like to make sure that everyone is included in the wedding photographs. I always ask for a designated person who knows both sides of the family to help me organise the formal shots. No-one likes having to stand around for ages posing for wedding photographs and I try to make this all as quick and painless as possible!

wedding photographer

Once the formal group shots are done, I concentrate on shots of the bride and groom. These can be enhanced, if required, to add a romantic touch to the finished photographs. As an experienced wedding photographer, I appreciate just how much hard work and effort goes into making the venue look perfect and special. Elaborate table decorations and bouquets, for example, represent hours of work and care and these should not be overlooked. They are a very important part of the day, and my wedding photographs will capture all these little magical elements of your wedding so you will never forget them.

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